How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 7 & 10?

If you’re using Windows 7 & 10 and you still see the error your print spooler keeps stopping Windows 10, you’re one of the thousands facing the same problem. There are ways to fix it; there is no need to think about it. Below is a report on how to deal with this subject. The print spooler is a Windows-based service. It manages all the print jobs for your printer. When the service stops running, the printer will stop working. The following are some practical ways of solving this problem.


Method 1: restart Print Spooler’s operation


1) Click the Windows logo key and R to open your keyboard’s Run box.

2) Programs. To enter the Services windows, type MSC and press Enter.

3) First press Print Spooler, then restart by testing how to reset the spooler’s printing.

4) Try to find out if the printer works.


Method 2: Test the Print Spooler service’s automatic setting 


If the print spooler keeps stopping function is not set to automatic, it will not automatically switch on when Windows starts. Therefore, the printer won’t print when you launch the service manually.

Follow the steps below to switch this service to auto mode.


1) To open the Run Box at the same time, press the Windows logo key+R.


To simultaneously activate the Run window, press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard.


2) Services Type. MSC and Tap Enter to open the Services window 3) Right-click the Print Spooler button and then click Properties.


4) Make sure that the initialization type is changed to Automatic, then press Apply and then OK.


5) Try to work with the printer to see if it works.


Method 3: Update the Print Spooler recovery options 


The print spooler keeps stopping windows 10 will not start automatically if the print spooler does not set error recovery settings correctly. For other factors, this could also happen. To ensure a proper recovery process, follow the steps below.


1) Press the Windows logo key and the R button at the same time to mount the Run tray.


2) Services. MSC type and click Enter to open the Services window.


3) Right-click on the Print Spooler and select Properties.


4) To reset the machine, pick Recovery and change the three fault fields. Tap Apply and subsequently OK.


5) You can then test the printer’s functionality.


Method 4: Delete Your Print Spooler Files 


If your pending print jobs pile up, these can also cause the print spooler keeps stopping to stop. It is possible to delete the print spooler files, and the planned print jobs can be transparent. This can sometimes solve the problem.


1) Press the Windows logo + R key to import the Run file simultaneously.


2) Enter services. MSC and click Open Services window


3) Click the Print Spooler button and then click Start.


4) Click on “—” to lower the Services window.


5) To open the Windows File Explorer, press the Windows logo key and the E key on your keyboard at the same time.


6) Follow the path and go to C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS: if you have a permission query, click Continue.


7) The printer folder files can then be uninstalled. You can verify that once you’ve done this, the folder is empty.


8) Re-access the Run box by pressing both the Windows logo key and R at the same time.


9) Check the form and press Enter to enter the control panel 10) Select the view from the open window to the catalogue. Now pick display tools and printers.


11) Right-click the printer and choose Delete tool.


12) Go back to the Services windows and click on your Taskbar on the Services button.


13) Choose and start the function of Print Spooler.


14) Select the Devices and Printers icon from the Taskbar and go straight to the Devices and Printers windows

15) Right-click the blank field now and select Add a printer. A set of instructions to attach your printer back to the screen will follow this.


16) Try to run the printer and see if it works.


Method 5: upgrade the driver of your printer


Another error may be caused by the wrong or old printer driver. The printer driver can be easily updated manually. There is also a way to update the driver with Driver Quick automatically. This automatically recognizes the system and selects suitable drivers for it. That method means that there is no ambiguity about the system running on your computer, installing or upgrading the software. These errors will be avoided if you use this method. Below are some of the effective methods with the print spooler keeps stopping can be used for a mistake. Make sure that you follow the steps strictly.