Do you know how these parts of your car are performing?

The car is the work tool for many of us. Both for drivers who use their vehicle as a means of constant transport and for those who are on the other side and are dedicated to having our car always ready, mechanics, engineers, etc. Therefore, for some as for others, it is essential to know parts of the car and know what you are trying. In this post, we wanted to specify the main parts of the car and what their functions are, so that you are always aware of what your work tool is. If you are looking for car exterior accessories, you must know the following parts of your car.

The car uses different systems that work simultaneously. Knowing these basic parts facilitates the detection of problems , helps to perform basic repairs and drive more responsibly.

The motor

Each car consists of an engine and many of them use an internal combustion engine that operates on gasoline. Gasoline, together with the air, is thrown into a combustion chamber where it is compressed and ignited with a spark. The combustion that results from this produces an energy shock that, when repeated quickly, starts the car . In general, the engines are referred to according to the number of cylinders they have and each cylinder contains its own combustion chamber. The total energy depends on the size of the engine and factors such as the burning time and the type of transmission used.


It transforms the energy of the motor and is operated with the shift lever that determines the value of this transformation . To start the march, climb slopes or carry load multiply the force generated by the engine in 1st or 2nd gear. Cars usually have up to 5 or 6 gears. On the road, the engine force decreases to reduce its RPM and increase the speed of the car; producing less fuel consumption and wear when using the 5th or 6th gear.

Direct transmission

You have probably heard this term many times but you may not be very sure what it is. Direct transmission is a series of components that connect the movement produced by the engine with the wheels of the car to generate forward or backward movement. That is, it is what gives impetus to the movement of the car. The motor is connected to the drive shaft (a rigid metal shaft) through the transmitter. The main function is: to use the metallic changes to match the engine speed with the energy requirements of the car, which depends on the speed of the vehicle, the slope of the street surface and the weight.


It is, say the plug between the engine and the wheels through the other transmission elements . It runs through the pedal; Loose is clutched and there is a connection between the engine and the wheels, the tread is disengaged, and the wheels are disconnected from the engine. Check out for car exterior accessories online in Pakistan.